Wunderlich Motocicle

Wunderlich MotocicleHistory of Wunderlich company begins in 1985, when the company began modifying motorcycles Yamaha XT and SR. After the great success of products, Wunderlich company focuses on motorcycle BMW, and in 1991, at the IFMA show s it’s booth dedicated exclusively to motorcycles BMW. A year later, the company’s products received certificates of compliance with DIN / ISO 9001 standard, and obtains the approval of TÜV Rheinland Group – a recognized authority in the field of product certification.


Today, Wunderlich company is a leader in the application of high technology and highly qualified professionals, what allows to achieve the perfect quality product. Before getting into the catalog, all products are subjected to numerous tests and trials, some of which is carried out under extreme conditions, motocross and rally around the world, such as «BMW Power Cup», «Heroes Legend Rally», «Agadir Rally» and «Qatar Rally».
Currently, the company’s products have more than 3000 different accessories.

Hyundai are gaining popularity in Europe.

Hyundai tucsonSince January 2016 a record number of Hyundai cars was registered. These figures indicate the success of the campaign for the improvement of 80% of the Hyundai lineup.

In particular, the success of the compact SUV Hyundai Tucson is due to the emergence of a new 1.7-liter diesel engine with 141 hp and a seven-speed transmission with double clutch and hyundai Tucson led headlights. Updated i30 and i30 Turbo attract buyers because of the bold bright design and real engine power combined with a high level of security.

Hyundai fans are pleasantly surprised by the new features of the updated Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe.
“Thanks to the renewal of 80% of the lineup we have been able to significantly increase the number of new loyal fans of Hyundai brand. We continue to improve our cars, actively introduce the latest technology and innovation, the results of which the world will see in the near future “, – said Thomas A. Schmidt, the chief of Hyundai Motor Europe.

Choose shelter for pickup

shelterFor pickups, in principle, there is no original shelter. It’s just a way for dealers to sell more expensive accessory for pickup, claiming that it is produced in the factory of the car manufacturer.

Choosing accessories to your pickup truck, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture. In this case, the best option is the German glass, from which the cover and military truck are carried out. Their body is stronger and more expensive, consists of a four-layer fiberglass. Weaker and less expensive casing bodies is made of a double layer. For fastening a shelter to a body the best option, which does not require any drilling of the body, and shelter is attached using the kung-clamp mounts. It is necessary to find out how much you need to clamp and they are made of any material.

Upholstery of shelter with leatherette looks richer than felt, is easy to clean, but is torn by over-sized items, fishing poles, dogs.
The rubber seal prevents from moisture entering, it is in standard individual producers.