Hyundai are gaining popularity in Europe.

Hyundai tucsonSince January 2016 a record number of Hyundai cars was registered. These figures indicate the success of the campaign for the improvement of 80% of the Hyundai lineup.

In particular, the success of the compact SUV Hyundai Tucson is due to the emergence of a new 1.7-liter diesel engine with 141 hp and a seven-speed transmission with double clutch and hyundai Tucson led headlights. Updated i30 and i30 Turbo attract buyers because of the bold bright design and real engine power combined with a high level of security.

Hyundai fans are pleasantly surprised by the new features of the updated Santa Fe and Grand Santa Fe.
“Thanks to the renewal of 80% of the lineup we have been able to significantly increase the number of new loyal fans of Hyundai brand. We continue to improve our cars, actively introduce the latest technology and innovation, the results of which the world will see in the near future “, – said Thomas A. Schmidt, the chief of Hyundai Motor Europe.