Hyundai Accent Lifetime LED H4 Install and Test

Hyundai Accent LED H4 In this video will be installing both black series 30 watt and silver series 70 watt LED bulbs from lifetime LED in a 2012 to 2015 Hyundai accent. First remove the rear headlight housing. Next undo the lock. And take out the ball. Next you can install the black series bald. And install the connection by lining up the arrows on the connectors.

After all connections are made you can mount the driver to the fire wall. For the silver series you can install the bald section first Hyundai Accent headlight adjustment. Followed by scoring on the heat sink fan Hyundai Accent headlight adjustment. Ensure both the fan and the LED barber connected to the driver. You can now mount the driver to the firewall. If for any reason you get an error code or the lights flicker you can install the can bus system shown here. For the driver side of the car you may need to move the fuse panel out of the way. To do this remove the 210 millimeter bolts holding it in place. Gently slide the box out of the way. As you can see both black series ends over serious offer a much wider and brighter spread over the standard halogen bulbs. Now let’s see them in action.